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Our Projects

We are currently running a number of projects as listed below. If you would like to help in any way then please

Get Involved or Contact Us ~ we need you on board to help these breeds have a secure and healthy future.

Thank You!

Bit Donation Scheme

A horse bit donation scheme, where donated pony snaffles from UK are sterilised, graded and then distributed at the rural horse fairs in Rajasthan, along with EDUCATION on good bitting, to encourage riders not to use the THORN bits commonly in use, and persuading the local bit manufacturers not to produce the THORN bits.

It may be a drop in the ocean but every bit helps and gives instant relief to any equid that is the recipient of a 'kinder' smooth snaffle. Slowly over time (generations?) we hope to eradicate the thorn bits of India as these majestic horses deserve better.

If you want to know more, take part or help with bit donation in your local area or come on a delivery trip, then please visit the drop down tab 'BITS' at the top of this page for more information.

We have reached our initial target of 1000 donated bits! However, we will continue to focus on this as the need is still great, so please keep collecting.

Well done and Thank You to everyone who has donated bits so far.

DNA Pilot Study

We have concluded the first part of our DNA Study with the help of Rare Breeds International and Weatherbys (Ireland). This initial report confirmed the need for a further, more extensive study. The results of the pilot study can be read in more detail by clicking the drop down tab 'DNA' at the top of this page.

The next step is for all the various Marwari and Kathiawari Societies within India to each provide 50 samples (pulled tail hair from the root) of what they consider to be  their 'best of breed' within their ranks (register / stud book / membership).

We have written and invited all known societies to take part and we await their reply.

The importance of each society being involved (and at the end having equal ownership of the results to use as they see fit), is that we need a united front to understand where the breeds originated from and where they are now, in terms of their DNA, and to direct and secure their future.

Welfare ~ Horsecare ~ Export Info

During our many visits to the rural horse fairs in India, we have become increasingly aware of the lack of good equine veterinary care available. Therefore we now distribute educational leaflets such as those pictured left, which at least give the horse owner the basics of what is normal and what is not. You would be surpirised how little is known with regard to basic horsecare and horse management, and we hope that  with these leaflets, in pictoral format, we will slowly educate and increase the level of awareness. More info from the drop down tab 'Welfare' at the top of this page.


There is a new (and only) Farrier training school in India, run by the Swiss based Flying Anvil Foundation and based at Dundlod, Shekhawati region of North East Rajasthan. Farriers from all around the world come and teach, lecture and give their expertise and time to train local students, so that ultimately the level of hoof care within the Indigenous breeds is brought up to speed.


There is much to be done, and we are continually thinking up ways to increase horsecare awareness in the rural parts of India. We welcome any ideas or offers of help, so please contact us with your bright ideas!

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