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Our Aims & Objectives

A non profit-making organisation working towards "International recognition of, and dedicated to the improvement and preservation of, the Marwari and Kathiawari horses of India".

To improve the standard of breeding.

To help promote and facilitate knowledge on breeding, stable management, veterinary care and training.

To help in bringing awareness among breeders and owners about the care of horses and to prevent cruelty of any sort in regard to their work and equipment.

To organise events, shows and exhibitions in the UK to promote the breed.

To coordinate with other such clubs, societies and organisations working for the promotion and betterment of the breed.

To maintain the registration scheme and stud book entries of any Marwari & Kathiawari horses in UK in collaboration with the IHSI.

To coordinate with the Government of the UK in regard to import policy, and other allied activities, for Marwari & Kathiawari horses.

To do all such other things as may be necessary for, or incidental to or conducive to, the aims and objects of the Chapter or allied thereto.

at Mount Abu Kathiawari stud
at Rann Riders, Gujarat
Kumbhalgarh, Rajasthan


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2023 Committee 

Caroline Moorey

CHAIRMAN. First India ride in 2004, returning 40+ times since, including Pushkar, Balotra and Nagaur Fairs. Judged at Shekhawati Horse Show twice, formed GB Team for first Indian International Invitational Endurance Race on Marwari horses in 2008 - secured Team Gold in the 50Km. Team returned in 2009 and secured Team Bronze in the 81km. Convenor and Chairman of IHSI UK Chapter. Owner Partner in Horse India

Barbara Adams

SECRETARY. Has been riding since the age of 9, owned her own horse for over 20 years and completed the Forts & Palaces ride in Rajasthan in 2001.   Although no longer a horse owner, she still enjoys regular rides locally on horses belonging to her friends. 

Pat Snook

COMMITTEE. Pat first became aware of Marwaris when she saw the horses with the strange ears in 'The Jewel in the Crown ' TV show 30 years ago. It was not until 2008 that she saw and rode them in real life. Pat went back out to Rajasthan to ride them again in 2009 and annually ever since .

Sue Pashen

TREASURER. First riding trip to India was Balotra Fair in March 2008 riding Marwari horses. Having ridden most of her life in Hong Kong and Germany, as well as competing at riding club level astride and side saddle. Loved the spirit, versatility and romance of riding Marwaris in Rajasthan.

Arthur Hill

WEBMASTER. Riding for over 40 years with many overseas trail rides completed. Went to Rajasthan in 2008 and rode Marwaris doing the Shekhawati Heritage ride. Subsequently completed the ride to Balotra Fair in 2009 and the ride to Pushkar Fair in 2010. Been in IT for at least 25 years. Finally took the plunge in 2009 to learn about the construction and publication of websites!

Dale Durfee

COMMITTEE. Professional photographer. On a 425km riding safari trip in Rajasthan India in 1996, she was introduced the marwari horse. Finding no existing photography, Dale, Francesca Kelly and Raghuvendra Singh Dundlod joined forces to produce a coffee table book, "Marwari", which not only raised the breed standard in India, but also introduced this remarkable breed to the world.

Indian Liaison
Vijit Singh

COMMITTEE - Indian Liaison. Indian national living in Britain, surrounded by indigenous horses throughout his childhood in India, Vijit's uncle runs the Royal Equestrian and Polo Centre in Rajasthan. Vijit is keen to promote the breed within Europe.

Susie Whitcombe

COMMITTEE. Susie is best known for her paintings and sculptures of horses, but she paints other subjects with the same eye for detail. She has visited Rajasthan, painting at Pushkar Fair and visiting the studs at Nawalgargh, Shekhawati,  amongst other venues.

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